BBR厂 罗杰杜彼王者系列 RDDBEX0393缩略图

BBR厂 罗杰杜彼王者系列 RDDBEX0393

隆重登场了 慢工出细活 一枚可以让你重新认识复刻界工艺制作。一枚永不过时的独特真陀飞轮,仿表界以来 第一枚独具特色的7⃣️字位真飞轮 产量极少 工艺 技术 各方面俱全 方能做到 现已推出 请广大表友鉴赏 多多关注与支持[抱拳][抱拳] BBR厂 创造非凡….打造出一枚具有超凡外形与卓越工艺的镂空陀飞轮腕表。这款罗杰杜彼具备经典元素:锐利的边角,与无懈可击的机械装置。表壳直径为42mm.厚度10毫米,夹板与表桥精简至极致, 从而真正保留精髓。搭载海鸥定制505SQ机芯, 以非凡技术营造空灵的内里布局。完美结合卓越的技术性能与魅力外观, 在玫瑰金或白金表壳中展现令人不可思议的美感并融合精美装饰,堪称高级钟表业一枚独一无二的奇葩。

Grand debut, slow work, fine work, which can help you to re-understand the craft production in the replica industry. A unique true tourbillon that never goes out of fashion, the first unique 7-character true flywheel since the imitation of the watch industry, with very little output and all aspects of technology, can be launched now. Please watch friends appreciate, pay more attention and support [fuels] [fuels] BBR factory creates extraordinary … to create a hollow tourbillon watch with extraordinary shape and excellent technology. This Roger Dube has classic elements: sharp corners and impeccable mechanical devices. The case has a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 10 mm, and the splint and bridge are simplified to the extreme, thus truly retaining the essence. Equipped with Seagull’s customized 505SQ movement, it creates an ethereal inner layout with extraordinary technology. Perfect combination of excellent technical performance and attractive appearance, showing incredible aesthetic feeling in rose gold or platinum case and blending exquisite decoration, it is a unique wonder in the high-end watch industry.