ZF出品——法兰克穆勒V45系列腕表震撼来袭!造型独具匠心,创意前卫跳跃。ZF致敬FM原厂,将一切细节完美展现,为表友添福利! 【三大“自我”之处】 1.腕表尺寸45毫米。微弧式枕型表壳贴手舒适,看似简单的表壳由内外八个零配件组合一起,浑然天成的精密程度,是国内制表界的骄傲。 2.每一个款式的盘面颜色最于原版相似,刻度全部单独开模,工艺和程序均遵循原厂。 3.表带细节完美,柔软透气。双层设计源于正品,手工走线,尽显绅士品味。 【机芯】采用可塑性高,返修率低的日本 MIYOTA 9015机芯。 优雅多变 无限创意 有请阁下细心品鉴

Produced by ZF-Frank Muller V45 series watches are shocking! Unique modeling, creative avant-garde jumping. ZF pays tribute to FM factory, showing all details perfectly, adding benefits to table friends! [Three “egos”] 1. The size of the watch is 45mm. Micro-arc pillow watch case is comfortable to stick to the hand, and the seemingly simple watch case is composed of eight parts inside and outside, with natural precision, which is the pride of domestic watchmaking industry. 2. The disk color of each style is the most similar to that of the original version, and the scales are all opened separately, and the process and procedures follow the original factory. 3. The strap details are perfect, soft and breathable. Double-layer design originates from genuine products, and is hand-routed, showing gentleman’s taste. [movement] adopts Japanese MIYOTA 9015 movement with high plasticity and low repair rate. Elegant and changeable, unlimited creativity, please taste carefully