ZF蔚蓝之作——法穆兰MEN’S COLLECTION系列V45游艇腕表缩略图

ZF蔚蓝之作——法穆兰MEN’S COLLECTION系列V45游艇腕表

ZF蔚蓝之作——法穆兰MEN’S COLLECTION系列V45游艇腕表优雅、登场。蓝色魅影 扬帆展航! 【精彩细节】 1.腕表尺寸45毫米。微弧式枕型表壳优雅贴手,表壳由内外八个配件组合一体,精密度天衣无缝。全部数据均按照正品一比一开模定制。可以叫板正品的最高级别克隆体。 2.蓝色盘面颜色与正品一致,效果沉稳内敛,尽显大牌风范。 3.表盘上的数字刻度因为每一个都不同,所有刻度全部需要独立开模订制,耗时耗力,潜心研发。 【表带扣】双层表带结构同步正品,正面采用人工纤维,背部则是天然橡胶,佩戴舒适冬暖夏凉,舒适感极佳。搭配FM经典折叠表扣。可完美通用原装。 【机芯】日本美优达9015机芯,质量稳定,走时精准,返修率极低。

ZF’s blue work-Famulan MEN’S COLLECTION series V45 yacht watches are elegant and debut. Blue Phantom Sails! [Wonderful details] 1. the size of wrist watch is 45mm. Micro-arc pillow watch case is elegantly attached to the hand, and the watch case is composed of eight internal and external accessories, so the precision is flawless. All data are customized according to authentic one-to-one mold opening. Can challenge the highest level clone of genuine products. 2. The color of the blue disk is consistent with the authentic one, and the effect is calm and restrained, showing the big-name style. 3. Because the digital scales on the dial are different, all scales need to be customized independently, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. [Strap buckle] The double-layer strap structure is synchronous and genuine, with artificial fiber on the front and natural rubber on the back. It is comfortable to wear in warm winter and cool in summer, with excellent comfort. Paired with FM classic folding clasp. It can be perfectly universal and original. [Movement] Japan MEYODA 9015 movement has stable quality, accurate travel time and extremely low repair rate.