EA厂-法-长岛系列最新升级V2版 女士石英表 【皮带多色可选】尺寸45mm×26mm 瑞士进口石英机芯 字面:拱面珍珠贝母面/唯美彩色珐琅花面,立体感十足的数字钉 匠心打造,工艺完美复刻经典之作! 壳套:进口316L精钢表壳,弧形设计更加贴手舒适! 底盖使用CNC数控精雕成型; 机芯:瑞士进口石英机芯 表带:标配美洲鳄鱼皮六色可选 尺寸:45mm×26mm EA倾心打造高等级水钻镶嵌腕表,不惜成本制作,尽显个性奢华色彩

Ea Factory-France-Long Island Series Latest Upgrade v2 Ladies Quartz Watch [Belt Multi-color Optional] Size 45mm×26mm Swiss Imported Shi Ying Movement Literally: Arch Pearl Fritillaria Surface/Beautiful Color Enamel Flower Surface, Three-dimensional Digital Nail Ingenuity, Perfect Reproduction of Classic Works! Shell cover: imported 316l fine steel case, the curved design is more comfortable for hands! The bottom cover is carved by cnc. Movement: Swiss imported Shi Ying movement strap: standard American crocodile leather six-color optional size: 45mm×26mm ea is dedicated to creating a high-grade rhinestone inlaid watch, which is produced at no cost and shows its personality luxury color


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