GF厂-法-最强女表长岛系列952QZ腕表 尺寸36.60mmX26mm 搭载瑞士进口朗达石英机芯 从醒目的Color Dreams 数字到完美无瑕的搪瓷表盘,Long Island 的每一处细节均经过多次打版并精心对比。长方形双桥面蓝宝石玻璃制作不易,工序繁琐(需将热能胶圈把蓝宝石玻璃与表壳经高温加热熔为一体并填上紫外线胶……此处省略一万字……)。底盖的打磨极其考究,务必做到与熨贴的弧形表壳紧密贴合,机芯采用瑞士进口的朗达石英机芯,瑞士产的才有红宝石,整块表所有配件可与原厂互换,包括机芯!

GF Factory-France-The Strongest Women’s Watch Long Island Series 952QZ is 36.60mmX26mm equipped with Rhonda Shi Ying movement imported from Switzerland, ranging from striking Color Dreams numbers to flawless enamel dial. Every detail of Long Island has been printed many times and carefully compared. Rectangular double deck sapphire glass is not easy to make, and the process is cumbersome (the sapphire glass and the case need to be fused by heat energy rubber ring at high temperature and filled with ultraviolet glue … 10,000 words are omitted here …). The polishing of the bottom cover is extremely exquisite, so it must be closely attached to the curved watch case. The movement adopts Rhonda Shi Ying movement imported from Switzerland, only ruby made in Switzerland, and all accessories of the whole watch can be exchanged with the original factory, including the movement!