【GF出品】弗兰克FM 6002 M QZ COL 女士腕表缩略图

【GF出品】弗兰克FM 6002 M QZ COL 女士腕表

GF厂-法-MASTER SQUARE系列6002 M QZ女士石英腕表 尺寸32.7×32.7mm 进口316L精钢打造抛光表壳设计优雅却不失动感,表壳弧形设计除了个性更适合日常佩戴、舒适贴手。底盖使用CNC数控精雕成型,精密度完美. 机芯采用进口的朗达石英机芯(朗达机芯有瑞士产跟远东产(泰国),只有瑞士产的才有红宝石,远东产的是没有红宝石的)

GF factory-France -MASTER SQUARE series 6002 M QZ ladies’ Shi Ying wristwatch size 32.7×32.7mm imported 316L polished case made in fine steel is elegant but dynamic. besides personality, the curved design of the case is more suitable for daily wear and comfortable hand fitting. The bottom cover is carved by CNC with perfect precision. The movement adopts imported Rhonda Shi Ying movement (Rhonda movement is made in Switzerland and Far East (Thailand), only Swiss movement has ruby, Far East movement has no ruby)