GF厂-法-8880V2版本 自动机械缩略图

GF厂-法-8880V2版本 自动机械

GF厂-法-8880V2版本 自动机械 匠心之作 尺寸39.5mm×46.5mm厚度13.5mm 采用日本进口西铁城机械机芯,走时精准!零返修!全镶嵌高品质水钻,真空电镀18k铂金和18k玖瑰金的精钢表壳,色彩靓丽持久,钻石闪耀!表盘镜片是高品质的蓝宝石水晶,防花!30米防水!搭配高品质美洲鳄鱼皮表带!

GF factory-France -8880V2 version of automatic mechanical ingenuity, size 39.5mm×46.5mm, thickness 13.5mm, adopts Citizen mechanical movement imported from Japan, and it can travel accurately! Zero repair! Full inlaid with high-quality rhinestones, vacuum plated fine steel case with 18k platinum and 18k rose gold, with beautiful and lasting colors and shining DIA! Dial lenses are high-quality sapphire crystals, which are flower-proof! 30 meters waterproof! Match with high quality alligator strap!