ABF厂-法-CrazyHours乱跳腕表,突破传统方式显示时间,定制版FM2001 自动上链机械机芯 功能一致 暗喻不拘一格的独立型格,蓝宝石镜面 永不刮花 壳套可以通用 烧蓝钢超级夜光指针 搪瓷表盘经过十几道工序制作而成,复古摩登与现代张扬兼具,佩戴于腕间,彰显独特品味!

ABF Factory-France -CrazyHours Jumping Wristwatch breaks through the traditional way to display time. The customized version of FM2001 self-winding mechanical movement has the same function and implies an eclectic independent style. The sapphire mirror never scratches the shell cover, which can be made of universal blue-burning steel super luminous pointer enamel dial after more than ten processes. It is both retro and modern, and it is worn between wrists to show its unique taste!


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