ABF厂-法-8880系列 男士机械 尺寸39.5mmX55.3mm,机芯采用稳定性极佳的Top顶级打磨2824机芯 走时精准稳定 100%进口316L精钢表壳使用cnc数控机床精雕细琢,搪瓷表盘经过十几道工序制作而成,日历加放大镜 鉴定一块手表是否为正品的最佳捷径就是 看日历窗位置 有无放大镜 而且放大镜底部有一层厚厚的CNC片 看下去离日历数字有2毫米的距离。最新工艺烧蓝钢指针 完美无瑕 镜面为蓝宝石水晶玻璃,超高四边压弯双卜工艺 损耗巨大 成品率极低 100%防水效果!底盖字体有光泽 表扣精磨抛光处理 机芯采用稳定性极佳的Top顶级打磨2824机芯 走时精准稳定 。

Abf Factory-France -8880 series men’s mechanical size is 39.5mmx55.3mm, and the movement adopts top Polished Top 2824 movement with excellent stability. The movement time is accurate and stable. The imported 316l fine steel case is carefully crafted by cnc machine tools, and the enamel dial is made by more than ten processes. The best shortcut to identify whether a watch is genuine by calendar plus magnifying glass is to see if there is a magnifying glass in the calendar window and there is a thick cnc sheet at the bottom of the magnifying glass, which is 2 mm away from the calendar number. The latest process of burning blue steel pointer is flawless. The mirror is sapphire crystal glass. The ultra-high four-side bending double-cloth process has huge loss and extremely low yield. 100% waterproof effect! The bottom cover font is glossy, and the buckle is finely polished. The movement adopts the top Polishing 2824 movement with excellent stability, and its travel time is accurate and stable.