FM厂-法-满天星 [色][色] 骷髅头钻表缩略图

FM厂-法-满天星 [色][色] 骷髅头钻表

FM厂-法-满天星 [色][色] 骷髅头钻表 每颗钻石都是精心挑选 最精致的工艺镶嵌 39.5*55mm尺寸 拱形表带完美贴合壳身 自动机械机芯 意大利防水牛皮表带 坚固耐用

FM factory-France-all over the sky [color] [color] skull drill watch Each DIA is carefully selected and the most exquisite craft is inlaid with 39.5*55mm arched strap, which perfectly fits the shell automatic mechanical movement. Italian waterproof cowhide strap is sturdy and durable.