FM厂-法-V45先锋系列首枚采用碳纤维表壳的腕表。搭载多功能7753码表机械机芯,进口橡胶小牛皮双层表带,表壳尺寸: 宽44.00X 长53.70 X 厚15.80 mm 精巧细致的螺纹碳纤维为先锋系列腕表注入令人眼前一亮的当代风格。制作工艺难度大,流程复杂,以致产量低。物以稀为贵,你绝对不能错过[得意]。

FM Factory-France -V45 Pioneer Series is the first watch with carbon fiber case. Equipped with multifunctional 7753 code watch mechanical movement, imported rubber calfskin double-layer strap, case size: 44.00X wide, 53.70 X long and 15.80 mm thick, delicate and delicate threaded carbon fiber injects eye-catching contemporary style into Pioneer watches. The production process is difficult and complicated, resulting in low yield. Things are rare, you must not miss [pride].


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