FM 厂-法-长岛1000CS系列自动机械男表缩略图

FM 厂-法-长岛1000CS系列自动机械男表

FM 厂-法-长岛1000CS系列自动机械男表 独家采用弧形蓝宝石镜面、弧形的表身让手腕更舒适、自动表耳、使用超薄9015机芯(零返修) 尺寸:31* 43焠火烤钢蓝指针 意大利牛皮表带 商务休闲集一身的完美产品!

FM Factory-France-Long Island 1000CS series automatic mechanical men’s watches exclusively use curved sapphire mirror, curved body to make wrist more comfortable, automatic ears, and use ultra-thin 9015 movement (zero repair). Size: 31* 43 broiled steel, blue pointer, Italian cowhide strap, a perfect product for business and leisure!