JB理查德米勒RM52-01真陀飞轮,重新诠释了RICHARD MILLE骷髅头的精髓,突破多个版本的BUG,自动机械表 JB理查德米勒RM52-01真陀飞轮,重新诠释了RICHARD MILLE骷髅头的精髓,突破多个版本的BUG,自动机械表JB理查德米勒RM52-01真陀飞轮,重新诠释了RICHARD MILLE骷髅头的精髓,突破多个版本的BUG,让广大铁粉可以拥有尺寸对、机芯真、细节到位的超高副本。入手理由: 1、尺寸接近:官方长宽厚:50*43*16mm,JB厂的长宽厚:49.8*44.3*16.4mm; 2、真实轴承:骷髅头嘴中的红宝石是陀飞轮的真实轴承,而非装饰,宝石对应上下颚包住的陀飞轮中轴,仿佛吞下能量球,让原装想表达的科幻意境得以体现; 3、细节到位:表壳内罩左侧内壁和原装一样印有RM052钢印,右眼齿轮的大小和深度接近原装,额头中心宝石红润剔透,磨砂表扣、进口泰国原料橡胶表带; 4、机芯对位:得益于陀飞轮的位置大小和原装一致,从背后看骷髅头的后脑下方,可以清晰看到以宝石同轴的陀飞轮的运转过程,从正面看黑色摆轮刚好被骷髅下颚挡住,只留下擒纵轮游走在头颅下方; 5、内外兼修:机芯为上海机芯厂定制真陀飞轮机芯,每一块表都经过高强度模拟器QE走时,另外有加强防水,。 JB Factory——用芯更用心!这是继双陀飞轮、RM001、罗杰杜彼王者、RM053、劳力士陀飞轮、经典融合后的又一巨作!每一块JBFactory陀飞轮都赠送一只真皮保护袋。

JB RICHARD MILLEr RM52-01 True tourbillon reinterprets the essence of Richard Mille’s skull, breaking through multiple versions of BUG and automatic mechanical watches JB RICHARD MILLEr RM52-01 True tourbillon reinterprets the essence of RICHARD MILLE skull and breaks through multiple versions of bugs. JB Richard Miller RM52-01 True tourbillon, an automatic mechanical watch, reinterprets the essence of Richard Mille skull and breaks through multiple versions of bugs, so that iron powder can have ultra-high copies with correct size, true movement and in-place details. Reasons for starting: 1. approximate dimensions: official length and width: 50*43*16mm, JB factory length and width: 49.8 * 44.3 * 16.4mm; 2. Real bearing: The ruby ​ ​ in the skull mouth is the real bearing of tourbillon, not the decoration. The gem corresponds to the central axis of tourbillon surrounded by the upper and lower jaws, as if swallowing the energy ball, so that the original sci-fi artistic conception can be reflected; 3. The details are in place: the left inner wall of the inner cover of the case is printed with RM052 steel seal as the original one. The size and depth of the right eye gear are close to the original one. The jewel in the center of the forehead is ruddy and transparent, with frosted clasp and imported Thai raw rubber strap; 4. Movement alignment: Thanks to the same position and size of the tourbillon as the original one, you can clearly see the running process of the tourbillon coaxial with gems from the back, and the black balance wheel is just blocked by the jaw from the front, leaving only the escape wheel to swim under the skull; 5. Repairing both inside and outside: The movement is a real tourbillon movement customized by Shanghai Movement Factory. When each watch passes through the high-strength simulator QE, it is also waterproof. JB Factory-Use the core and pay more attention! This is another masterpiece after the fusion of Double tourbillon, RM001, Roger Dube, RM053, Rolex tourbillon and classics! Every JBFactory tourbillon is presented with a leather protective bag.