KV台湾厂-理-RM035 碳纤维材质表壳缩略图

KV台湾厂-理-RM035 碳纤维材质表壳

KV台湾厂-理-RM035 碳纤维材质表壳 尺寸42mmx49mm 搭载日本精工NH机械机芯 碳纤维材质的规律波浪状图形产生独特的视觉效果,且拥有卓越的物理性能-耐磨抗碰撞超轻盈;腕表无表盘设计,镂空机芯可以从正面和底面均能一览无余,动感十足;

KV Taiwan Factory-Li -RM035 carbon fiber case size 42mmx49mm is equipped with the regular wavy pattern of carbon fiber material of Seiko NH mechanical movement in Japan to produce unique visual effects, and has excellent physical properties-wear resistance, collision resistance and ultra light weight; The watch has no dial design, and the hollow movement can be seen from the front and bottom, and it is full of movement;