KV厂RM35-01系列顶级版2017最新理查.米勒 型号RM35-01碳纤维系列 1:此复刻版表壳和底盖釆用高密度进口NTPT@碳纤维材料 2:碳纤维表壳表底和钛内胆两侧釆用同步CNC加工!使之壳上下与左右二侧毫无缝隙,经试水测试4Pa压力后均达到100%通过防水检验 3:表带釆用马来西亚进口纯橡胶材料制作而成,使之呈现出超韧性及柔软的感觉,市面上最强的RM专用橡胶带,做到能与正品互换的效果 4:依原版原理采用钛金属材料作为内胆及釆用最前沿的电火花精切缕空技术!机芯釆用进口seiko自动机芯 5:表壳底上的字使用最前沿的超声波精准雕刻技术,使表底整体呈现岀高贵的质感 6:玻璃釆用目前市面上最高硬度的蓝宝石水晶玻璃材料及双面镀蓝膜处理 7:每只腕表底盖上都有独立的编码!与原版一致的流水编码。

KV factory RM35-01 series top edition 2017 latest Richard miller model RM35-01 carbon fiber series 1: The replica case and bottom cover are made of high-density imported NTPT@ @ carbon fiber material 2: The bottom of carbon fiber watchcase and both sides of titanium liner are machined by synchronous CNC! There is no gap between the upper and lower sides of the shell and the left and right sides. After the water test is 4Pa pressure, it all reaches 100% and passes the waterproof test 3: The strap is made of pure rubber material imported from Malaysia, which makes it show super toughness and soft feeling. The strongest RM special rubber belt on the market can achieve the effect of interchangeability with genuine products 4: According to the principle of the original edition, titanium material is used as the inner container, and the cutting-edge EDM precision cutting technology is used! Imported seiko automatic movement is used for the movement 5: The words on the bottom of the watch case use the cutting-edge ultrasonic precision carving technology, which makes the whole bottom of the watch show a noble texture 6: The glass is treated with sapphire crystal glass with the highest hardness on the market and blue film on both sides 7: Each watch has an independent code on the bottom cover! Pipeline coding consistent with the original version.