JB厂理查德·米勒RM001真陀飞轮,这是Richard Mille官方的第一枚手表,也是复刻界第一枚RM真飞轮作品,根据原装数据起模字面,尽可能还原原装气质。历经两年多改进,双发条盒正常运行,12点钟位置实现了和原装一样的双动能显示,上满发条可以达到3天续航。搭载同原装架构的手动真陀飞轮机芯,走时稳定精准。字面和原装一样采用双层高通透镜面(金属玻璃+蓝宝石玻璃),采用最先进的五轴CNC数控技术加工表壳,胶带配原装折叠扣,动力储备显示 、陀飞轮彰显高档气质,这是最耐看的理查德款式,一度成为RM里查德米尔男士手表其他款式的范本,经典中的经典,永不过时。JB厂继罗杰杜彼双陀飞轮之后的又一大狠货,精彩未完待续,JB厂-专为高端陀飞轮而生。

Richard miller RM001 Real tourbillon of JB Factory is Richard Mille’s first official watch, and it is also the first RM real flywheel work in the field of reproduction. According to the original data, the original temperament is restored as much as possible. After more than two years’ improvement, the double clockwork runs normally, and the dual kinetic energy display at 12 o’clock is the same as the original one, and the full clockwork can last for three days. Equipped with manual true tourbillon movement with the same original structure, it can travel stably and accurately. Literally, it adopts double-layer highly transparent mirror surface (metallic glass+sapphire glass), adopts the most advanced five-axis CNC technology to process the case, matches the original folding buckle with adhesive tape, displays the power reserve, and highlights the high-grade temperament with tourbillon. This is the most attractive Richard style, which once became a model for other styles of RM Richard Mill men’s watches, a classic among classics, and never goes out of fashion. JB Factory is another great product after Roger Dubi’s double tourbillon, which is wonderful to be continued. JB Factory-specially made for high-end tourbillon.