理查德米.勒(腕表型号:RM-011)艺术提升了全新层次尺寸50X40mm 【高端复刻1-1】理查德米.勒(腕表型号:RM-011)艺术提升了全新层次,升级版本,7750大日历 计时 飞返/逆跳多功能7750机芯,进口橡胶表带 原装折叠扣,尺寸50X40mm展现着理查品牌的经典内涵,阳光而富有吸引力,RM出品。

Richard Miller (watch model: RM-011) has raised the art to a new level size of 50X40mm [High-end replica 1-1] Richard Miller (wristwatch model: RM-011) has raised a new level of art, with an upgraded version, with 7750 calendar chronograph fly-back/reverse-jump multifunctional 7750 movement, imported rubber strap original folding buckle, size 50X40mm showing the classic connotation of Richard brand, sunshine and attractive, produced by RM.


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