[KV台湾厂最新巅峰巨作]RM-011系列爆款隆重登场 [KV台湾厂最新巅峰巨作] 全新RM-011系列爆款隆重登场,KV最新版RM-011绝对是让人耳目一新的一款杰作! 1:表壳运用与正品一致的NTPT碳纤维特别材科!由多层平行细丝构成,细丝则由碳纤维分离到这些厚度然后经过特殊机器织成 2:字面由最顶尖的玻璃厂依原版原理制成30C厚厚的玻璃,然后打好吼和印刷。这样制作使整片字面更通度以及干洁无丝毫瑕疵 3日历由机芯厂私人定制下复刻出与原版一致的功能与原理,重点在于与正品一致的双历单独跳历的功能,日历结构与数字结构与正品一致 4:底盖由前沿超声波雕刻而成,达到与正品一致的立体效果,且每只表的底盖都有独立编码 5:玻璃使用高通透度镀蓝光蓝宝石水晶玻璃 6:胶带用马来西亚顶级橡胶材料制作而成,㬵带做到了与正品RM-011通用的成果。

[The latest peak masterpiece of KV Taiwan Factory] ]RM-011 series explosions are grandly presented

[the latest masterpiece of kv Taiwan factory]

The brand-new RM-011 series explosions are grandly on the stage, and the latest version of RM-011 in KV is definitely a refreshing masterpiece! 1: The watchcase uses NTPT carbon fiber special materials consistent with genuine products! It is composed of multiple layers of parallel filaments, which are separated from carbon fibers to these thicknesses and then woven by special machines 2: Literally, 30C thick glass is made by the top glass factory according to the original principle, and then it is roared and printed. This production makes the whole piece more literal and clean without any flaws The function and principle consistent with the original version are reproduced by the personal tailor of the movement factory, with emphasis on the function of double calendar jumping independently consistent with the genuine product, and the calendar structure and digital structure are consistent with the genuine product 4: The bottom cover is carved by the front ultrasonic wave, which achieves the same three-dimensional effect as the genuine product, and the bottom cover of each watch has an independent code 5: High-permeability blue sapphire crystal glass is used for the glass 6: The adhesive tape is made of Malaysia’s top rubber material, and it has achieved the common results with genuine RM-011.