TW俄罗斯小丑【最高版本V3S真功能快调月相】与原版同步,取得最大成功【没有任何盲区】全面升级【”突破”钟表行业年度大作】AHCI独立制表协会主席康斯坦丁·切金Konstantin Chaykin大师匠心之作【技术突破】表盘表情神采不断变化的小丑脸,转动的眼睛,疯狂的面容,和吐出的红色舌头,表情变化非常丰富,两只眼睛分别为分钟和小时的指示,月相显示(笑脸),每天有2万多种表情变化,幽默性质的独特的设计元素【表壳直径42mmX11.8mm与原装同步】采用进口(全自动精工机械)手表自制机芯,功能百分百同步原版,走时稳定,素质坚挺。整体细节圈口侧面精细CNC打磨耗时费力多次调整模具,确保神韵和感觉能与原装相媲美,满足您对俄罗斯小丑”笑脸”的一切美好情怀。

TW Russian clown [the highest version of V3S really functions to quickly adjust the moon phase] is synchronized with the original version, achieving the greatest success [without any blind spots], comprehensively upgrading [“Breakthrough” the annual masterpiece of the watch industry], the ingenious work of master Konstantin Chaykin, president of AHCI Independent Watchmaking Association [Technical Breakthrough], the clown’s face with ever-changing dial expression, rotating eyes, crazy face and red tongue spit out, The expression changes are very rich, with two eyes indicating minutes and hours respectively, and the moon phase displaying (smiling face). There are more than 20,000 kinds of expression changes every day. The unique design element of humorous nature [the diameter of the watch case is 42mmX11.8mm synchronized with the original] adopts the imported (fully automatic precision machine) watch self-made movement, with 100% synchronous functions and strong quality. Fine CNC grinding on the side of the whole detail circle takes time and effort to adjust the mold many times, ensuring that the charm and feeling are comparable to those of the original, and satisfying all your good feelings for the Russian clown “smiling face”.