ZF厂年终巨献【优雅精湛 工艺之巅】ZF厂年终巨献—葡萄牙系列逆跳陀飞轮腕表,优雅的贵族气息结合无与伦比的视觉享受,神秘雅致,精湛非凡。 【表壳】腕表尺寸44mmX15.5mm。精致工艺打磨的表壳尊贵大方,ZF熟练掌握原厂的打磨技艺,线条流畅光滑,效果赏心悦目。滚花式表冠技术到位,保留了原厂原有的姿色,操作手感与原厂不相上下。 【实现原厂功能】表盘右半是7天动力储备显示器,能够精确的显示发条盒的剩余动力;日期显示同样具有月底飞返功能,刻度盘跨越了整个表盘的四分之一,大气磅礴。每当到达有31天的大月月底时,日期显示自动跳回至1日。而在小月,或者有一段时间未佩戴腕表后,则可以通过“快调功能”将日期显示向前推进,然后飞返至该月的第一天。 【最大卖点】ZF工厂完美制作81个零件构成陀飞轮装置,同原厂一样安置在12点位的圆形窗口内,镀铑的擒纵轮与镍银静止轮夹板都煞费苦心的由手工进行切割,各个微细零件打磨精湛,包括大量抛光的内角和斜角,细节可媲美原厂。 【表带表扣】采用顶级意大利小皮材质表带,质地柔软细腻,手工缝制的丝线,纹路清晰,均匀规整。配备一枚原厂折叠表扣

Year-end Grand Offering of ZF Factory [Top of Elegant and Exquisite Craftsmanship] Year-end Grand Offering of ZF Factory-Portuguese series reverse jump tourbillon watches, elegant aristocratic atmosphere combined with unparalleled visual enjoyment, mysterious and elegant, exquisite and extraordinary. [Case] The size of the watch is 44 mm x 15.5 mm. The watch case polished by exquisite technology is noble and generous, and ZF has mastered the original polishing technology, with smooth lines and pleasing effect. Rolling fancy crown technology is in place, keeping the original beauty of the original factory, and the operation feel is comparable to that of the original factory. [Realize the original factory function] The right half of the dial is a 7-day power reserve display, which can accurately display the remaining power of the clockwork; The date display also has the function of flying back at the end of the month. The dial spans a quarter of the whole dial and is magnificent. When the end of a big month with 31 days is reached, the date display automatically jumps back to the 1st day. In a small month, or after not wearing a wristwatch for a period of time, the date display can be pushed forward through the “quick adjustment function”, and then fly back to the first day of the month. [The biggest selling point] ZF factory perfectly produced 81 parts to form the tourbillon device, which was placed in the circular window at 12 o’clock as the original factory. The rhodium-plated escape wheel and nickel-silver stationary wheel splint were painstakingly cut by hand, and all the fine parts were polished exquisitely, including a large number of polished internal angles and bevel angles, and the details were comparable to those of the original factory. [Strap buckle] It is made of top-grade Italian leather strap, with soft and delicate texture, hand-sewn silk thread, clear and uniform texture. Equipped with an original folding clasp