FM厂- 法-8880真陀飞轮男表, 燒烤藍針 弧度完美不再笨重大小39.5mmx55.3mm, 厚度13.5mm,真空电镀18k玖瑰金的316L精钢表壳,采用高级陀飞轮机械机芯,走时精准!镜面是高品质的蓝宝石水晶(玻璃可跟原厂8880系列通用)!30米防水!快拆式弹簧棒意大利牛皮表带!

Fm factory-France -8880 real tourbillon men’s watch, barbecue blue needle radian is perfect, no longer bulky, 39.5mmx55.3mm in size, 13.5mm in thickness, vacuum-plated 316l fine steel case with 18k rose gold, high-grade tourbillon mechanical movement, and accurate travel time! The mirror surface is high-quality sapphire crystal (glass can be used with the original 8880 series)! 30 meters waterproof! Quick-release spring bar Italian leather strap!


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