TW厂-法-GIGA圆形镂空 手动陀飞轮腕表震撼上市 尺寸42.5mm 采用精准稳定的海鸥陀飞轮手动机芯【赏心悦目 芯随表动】TW荣誉出品 。腕表采用镂空式布局设计。机芯全貌一目了然,将复杂和神秘的陀飞轮装置完美显现。 【重点介绍】采用精准稳定的海鸥陀飞轮手动机芯(与原厂能有80%契合度)。丰满的机械感,天马行空的镂空布局。不仅将陀飞轮的机械美体现恰当,更是将她的神秘一览无遗的完美展示。 【精彩细节】360度无死角镜面抛光,完美表达陀飞轮腕表高端大方的气质。意大利小牛皮表带,材质柔软,佩戴透气舒适,TW出品FM—GIGA陀飞轮,给您带来不一样的奢华体验。

TW factory-France -GIGA round hollowed-out manual tourbillon watch shocked the market. Its size is 42.5mm It adopts precise and stable Seagull tourbillon manual core. [Pleasant core moves with the watch] TW honors the production. The wrist watch has a hollow layout design. The whole movement is clear at a glance, showing the complex and mysterious tourbillon device perfectly. [Key introduction] The precise and stable Seagull tourbillon manual core (80% fit with the original factory) is adopted. Full mechanical sense, bold and unconstrained hollow layout. It not only reflects tourbillon’s mechanical beauty properly, but also shows her mystery perfectly. [Wonderful details] 360-degree mirror polishing without dead angle perfectly expresses the high-end and generous temperament of tourbillon watches. Italian calf leather strap is made of soft material and breathable and comfortable to wear. TW produces FM—GIGA tourbillon, which brings you a different luxury experience.