V9劳力士水鬼BLAKEN官方同款曜黑版,同步原装搭载cal.3135一体机芯,还原度高且走时稳定,蓝色游丝、KIF避震器。表壳采用进口904L精钢,在真空条件下进行Physical Vapor Deposition(物理气相沉积技术)做黑,使金属黑耀炫酷而且不易掉色。配件均来自于116610LV原装开模。目前共有SUBMARINER DATE LV(基于绿水鬼116610LV打造)和SUBMARINER DATE(基于黑水鬼116610LN打造)两种颜色,表壳可通用原装和N厂V11水鬼。走时方面采用进口校表仪先测数据,而后用三维模拟器模拟上手一天,误差控制在正常值内再开始包装出货。V9Factory一从“芯”开始,创造奇迹。出品便是极品,关注买家的口袋利益,尽量不升级或者以最少的升级次数做出最好的产品,真正的佛系厂家。温馨提示:每一支V9的腕表包装里都内置了远程防伪芯片,让买家买个放心,避免不良商贩以次充好。

V9劳力士水鬼BLAKEN官方同款曜黑版插图 V9劳力士水鬼BLAKEN官方同款曜黑版插图1 V9劳力士水鬼BLAKEN官方同款曜黑版插图2 V9劳力士水鬼BLAKEN官方同款曜黑版插图3 V9劳力士水鬼BLAKEN官方同款曜黑版插图4 V9劳力士水鬼BLAKEN官方同款曜黑版插图5 V9劳力士水鬼BLAKEN官方同款曜黑版插图6 V9劳力士水鬼BLAKEN官方同款曜黑版插图7

The V9 Rolex water ghost BLAKEN is the official obsidian version of the same paragraph, which is equipped with cal.3135 integrated movement synchronously, with high restoration and stable travel time, blue hairspring and KIF shock absorber. The watchcase is made of imported 904L fine steel, which is blackened by Physical Vapor Deposition under vacuum, making the metal black and cool and not easy to fade. Accessories are all from 116610LV original mold opening. At present, there are two colors: SUBMARINER DATE LV (based on green water ghost 116610LV) and SUBMARINER DATE (based on black water ghost 116610LN), and the case can be used in both original and n factory V11 water ghost. In terms of travel time, the imported meter is used to measure the data first, and then the three-dimensional simulator is used to simulate the first day, and the error is controlled within the normal value before packaging and shipping. The V9Factory starts from the “core” and creates miracles. Production is the best, pay attention to the pocket interests of buyers, try not to upgrade or make the best products with the least number of upgrades, and be a true Buddhist manufacturer. Tips: Each V9 wristwatch has a built-in remote anti-counterfeiting chip, so that buyers can buy with confidence and avoid shoddy goods by unscrupulous traders.