ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表缩略图

ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表

ZF优雅之作,再攀钢表新高峰,复刻百达翡丽新品——PP Ref.6007A-001(普朗菜乌特制表大楼纪念款) 【精彩细节】腕表尺寸40mm 1.蓝宝石水晶透盖上刻有calatrava十字星图案,以及“New manufacture 2019 字样 2.316L精钢表壳,搭配宽阔的弧形表圈设计 3.盘面:标志性的灰蓝元素搭配精致的圆形缎面打磨 【技术突破】 采用ZF第三代324S定制型一体机芯,仿真度和走时两不误! 【表带扣】 灰蓝色小牛皮表带,白色缝线装饰,搭配PP经典针扣,设计与盘面色彩交相辉映! ZF出品 ——打造地表最强钢表!

ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表插图 ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表插图1 ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表插图2 ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表插图3 ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表插图4 ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表插图5 ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表插图6 ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表插图7 ZF 普朗菜乌 大楼纪念款324一体机芯机械表插图8

ZF’s elegant work, climbing the new peak of Steel Watch, re-engraving Patek Philippe’s new product-PP Ref. 6007a-001 (Commemorative money for Planck Watch Building) [Wonderful details] Watch size 40mm 1. Sapphire crystal cover is engraved with calatrava cross star pattern, and “New manufacture 2019” 2.316L fine steel case, With a wide curved bezel design. 3. Disk surface: The iconic gray-blue elements are matched with exquisite round satin polishing [technical breakthrough]. The ZF third-generation 324S customized integrated movement is adopted, and the simulation degree and travel time are correct! [strap buckle] gray blue calfskin strap, decorated with white stitching, matched with PP classic pin buckle, the design and the color of the disk complement each other! Produced by ZF-Create the strongest steel watch on the surface!