XF沛纳海pam 127缩略图

XF沛纳海pam 127

沛之重器 四大天王之首!

XF沛纳海pam 127插图 XF沛纳海pam 127插图1 XF沛纳海pam 127插图2 XF沛纳海pam 127插图3 XF沛纳海pam 127插图4 XF沛纳海pam 127插图5

The long-lost XF Panerai 127 has finally arrived!
Pei’s weapon is the first of the four kings!
In addition to the sapphire bubble mirror, the movement of 127 is also important. 1. You can compare the genuine movement sun pattern. 2. The ETA seal consistent with the genuine product is adopted, instead of the simple 6497-2. 3. Adopt shock absorbers and gooseneck screws which are consistent with genuine products.
A pair of customized lizard skins is presented with the table.
XF is dedicated, only for original reproduction.


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