GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择

【经典雅致 优雅非凡】劳力士DateJust系列新款28MM直径女士腕表(适合所有女生佩戴)
GS探索经典 诚意出品

GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图1GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图2GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图3GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图4GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图5GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图6GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图7GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图8GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图9GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图10GS 日志女表 28mm 共63款选择插图11

GS new product release
[Classic, elegant and extraordinary] Rolex DateJust series new 28MM diameter ladies’ watches (suitable for all girls)
“Complete style” is a full range of reproductions, with 63 models available for purchase!
[Exquisite workmanship] 1:1 original mold opening and re-engraving, seven pieces of assembled head stones, bezel gems all inlaid by hand, matched with the new Rolex special folding buckle.
[Imported movement] is equipped with imported replica 2235 automatic mechanical movement, which can store energy for a long time and travel stably!
GS explores classics and sincerely produces them