GS 日志女表 31mm







1.纪念型表带Jubilee Bracelet(五珠带)


2.蚝式表链Oyster Bracelet(三株带)


3.表扣类型 折叠扣,隐蔽式摺叠皇冠带扣


稳重简约 矜持有度

秀而不媚 恒久优雅!

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GS’s outstanding work-oyster perpetual Journal 31mm series watches, beautiful but not flattering, always elegant!

[Oyster case, waterproof symbol] The diameter of the watch is 31mm, the thickness is consistent with the original one, and the data is consistent with the genuine one

1. Classic oyster case with triangular pit outer ring

2. The screw-in design is adopted for the head, and the double waterproof system with double locks is restored

3. Material of the mirror-scratch-resistant blue crystal glass, anti-reflective convex-transparent magnifying (2.5 times) calendar window

[strap details] different models are matched with different steel belts

1. commemorative bracelet Jubilee Bracelet (five-bead strap)

Material: stainless steel, commemorative type, five rows of links

2. Oyster Bracelet (three belts)

Material: stainless steel, head type, semi-circular three-row chain links

3. Table buckle type folding buckle, concealed folding crown buckle

[Movement] adopts exquisite and stable Seiko NH05 movement

Steady, simple and reserved

Show without flattery, always elegant!