EUR 纵横四海陀飞轮腕表

EUR冠王之王,江诗丹顿纵横四海全自动陀飞轮,加冕巨作,打破常规的环形自动上链装置,行业首创!应用外缘转陀确保了机芯背面的清晰视野,也称之为边缘式摆陀,颠覆了大家对腕表界的认知,EUR砥砺前行 持续给大家更多惊喜!

EUR 纵横四海陀飞轮腕表插图EUR 纵横四海陀飞轮腕表插图1EUR 纵横四海陀飞轮腕表插图2EUR 纵横四海陀飞轮腕表插图3EUR 纵横四海陀飞轮腕表插图4

EUR crown king, Vacheron Constantin full-automatic tourbillon, crowned masterpiece, breaking the conventional ring automatic winding device, the industry’s first! The application of the outer edge pivot ensures a clear vision on the back of the movement, which is also called the edge pivot, subverting everyone’s cognition of the watch industry, and EUR’s vigorous advancement continues to give you more surprises!