GF 复仇者 海狼 45mm

【硬核美学实力派】GF 百 年 灵-复仇者深潜海狼自动机械腕表(AVENGER AUTOMATIC 45 SEAWOLF)
原装开模316L精钢表壳(直径45mm,厚度18.39 mm),搭载Asia-2824机芯。可选择精钢表链或黑色军用防水皮革表带。
G Factory,专注良心好品质。

GF 复仇者 海狼 45mm插图GF 复仇者 海狼 45mm插图1GF 复仇者 海狼 45mm插图2GF 复仇者 海狼 45mm插图3GF 复仇者 海狼 45mm插图4GF 复仇者 海狼 45mm插图5GF 复仇者 海狼 45mm插图6GF 复仇者 海狼 45mm插图7GF 复仇者 海狼 45mm插图8

[Hard Core Aesthetic Strength School] GF Centennial-AVENGER AUTOMATIC 45 SEAWOLF
Originally opened 316L fine steel case (diameter 45mm, thickness 18.39 mm), equipped with Asia-2824 movement. Choose from fine steel bracelet or black military waterproof leather strap.
Technological breakthrough:
Sapphire glass inlaid in the luminous spot on the outer ring is consistent with the original one with “fisheye” effect (side view), which is extremely difficult to make, which is also an important basis for identifying whether GF is produced or not!
G Factory, focusing on conscience and good quality.