O厂 帕莎系列

标题:O出品 您品 您细品!2020最新卡地亚帕莎系列!圆中见方 自有天地 戴上【帕莎】啥也不怕😱
2⃣️机芯:釆用西铁城最新9039机芯改制Cartier 1847MC机芯,西铁城9039机芯原装矮针轴,不需要改轴高度,使时.分.秒针更加平整,动力均匀走时精准!
O出品 您品 您细品 您细细品!

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Title: o produce your products and your fine products! 2020 latest Cartier Pasha series! You are not afraid to wear [Pasha] in your own world
1 case: 316L fine steel CNC finely crafted! The appearance thickness is 9.35mm/ surface diameter is 35.48mm, the natural sapphire mirror is coated with AR anti-reflection film, the two deep blue gems are full and neat, the kettle protection cover is smooth and exquisite, the shell ear quick-release perfect structure is smooth and effortless, and most of the accessories can be used with the original genuine products!
2 movement: Cartier 1847MC movement is reformed with the latest 9039 movement of Citizen, and the original short needle shaft of Citizen 9039 movement does not need to change the shaft height, which makes the hour, minute and second hand smoother, with uniform power and accurate travel time!
Literal: The white dial presents silver-plated carved patterns radiating outward. This twisted rope pattern covers the whole disk surface, with clear three-dimensional printing, neat nail angle and smooth oil filling, and the cut face and feet can be interchanged with genuine products!
4 hands: the diamond-shaped hands are deep and the blue steel hands are deep, and the appearance and shape are flat and smooth, so they cannot be interchanged with genuine products because of the different movements used!
5 belts: Italian calfskin is used for the face, French calfskin is used for the bottom, the laser handwriting is neat and clear, and the first grain of fine steel is carved, which can be exchanged with the original one!
6 buttons: cartier is used to improve and replace the latest buckle. The 316L fine steel CNC is finely crafted, the buttons are smooth and resilient, and the marks are clear and neat. It is super comfortable to wear in combination with ergonomics and can be interchanged with genuine products!
7 Inner cover: It is made of the same paramagnetic alloy material as the original one, which can resist the interference of strong magnetic field in daily life. It cannot be interchanged because of the different movement used!
8 laps: 316L fine steel CNC is exquisitely carved, with full body, polished and transparent, which fits seamlessly with the shell body, and the internal groove position can be interchanged with genuine products!
9 Bottom cover: 316L fine steel CNC is finely carved, with fine round sand and clear lettering, and it is numbered separately. The internal special-shaped waterproof ring can achieve 5ATM waterproof, and the internal groove position is accurate and interchangeable with genuine products!
Eggs: The quick-release structure of the watch case and strap is highly consistent, smooth and effortless, and can be used in the same way as the original one. Buy one watch and give one more belt!
O produce your products, fine products, fine products!