AX 致敬系列 陀飞轮

[AX出品]罗杰杜彼HOMMAGE(致敬系列)系列RDDBHO0568腕表,历经两年实现8点位置真陀飞轮机芯,模拟原装RD540机芯数据,机芯结构和传动几乎一致,42mm尺寸更适合亚洲男士商务使用。18K真空镀金不易掉色,最大限度还原原装壳型。,藍宝石玻璃 ,義大利牛皮,原廠樣式蝴蝶扣,12点位置大日历显示 4点钟位置动能显示。表盘分为三层,中央装饰白色漆面,第二层玫瑰金圆环和白色漆面罗马数字,外层为白色漆面装饰外缘,粉色转印分钟圈层次清晰,读时简单明了。大日历显示。

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[AX produced] Roger Dube HOMMAGE series RDDBHO0568 watches, after two years, have realized the 8-point true tourbillon movement, simulating the original RD540 movement data, the movement structure and transmission are almost the same, and the 42mm size is more suitable for Asian men’s business use. 18K vacuum gold plating is not easy to fade, and restores the original shell shape to the maximum extent. Sapphire glass, Italian cowhide, butterfly button of original factory style, big calendar display at 12 o’clock position and kinetic energy display at 4 o’clock position. The dial is divided into three layers, the center is decorated with white lacquer, the second layer is decorated with rose gold rings and white lacquer Roman numerals, and the outer layer is decorated with white lacquer on the outer edge. The pink transfer minute ring has clear layers and is easy to read. Large calendar display.