XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯

XF 成熟技术铸就经典 PAM 005 44mm经典壳直径,搭载稳定的6497机芯,简约无华的外形与优秀的功能是关键,章显硬朗气质,铸就经典款式,现购买赠送天然橡胶带一副。

XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯插图XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯插图1XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯插图2XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯插图3XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯插图4XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯插图5XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯插图6XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯插图7XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯插图8XF PAM 005 手动6497机芯插图9

XF’s mature technology casts the classic PAM 005 44mm a classic shell diameter of 44 mm, and it is equipped with a stable 6497 movement. Its simple and elegant appearance and excellent functions are the key. It shows tough temperament and casts a classic style. Now we are buying a pair of natural rubber belts.