XF 成熟技术塑造沛纳海经典Pam 000(限量200枚)沛纳海最经典的入门款之一,44mm,316精钢材质,搭载稳定的6497机芯,首批赠送天然迷彩橡胶带一副,XF与您一同彰显个性,塑造属于您的经典

XF PAM000插图

XF’s mature technology shapes Panerai’s classic Pam 000 (limited to 200 pieces). One of Panerai’s most classic entry models, made of 44mm and 316 fine steel, is equipped with a stable 6497 movement. The first batch of natural camouflage rubber belts is presented. XF will show your personality together and shape your classic


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