ZF 15710 厚度对版原装

ZF重塑经典——爱彼AP15710王者归来!ZF励志要把钢表爆品细节做到最好!腕表尺寸42mmX14.1mm!1.最强表壳打磨,地表最佳,舍我其谁,成本暴增,只为最像;2.最强机芯夹板打磨,特调色18K玫瑰金自动托颜色;3.最人性化的可松动头粒缓冲区域,确保吻合原装设计;4.最立体和最工整的盘面“饼干纹理”保证和正品一模一样:5.最持久的夜光和对的最齐的内应刻度,ZF直击重点,大家再也不用为此头痛;6.最硬螺丝,而且螺丝凹槽是月牙形状和正品一致;7.最接近原装的指针,切面锋利整齐无毛刺;8.最接近原装日历放大镜,通透性市面最强;9.最强蓝宝镜面通透感官,并镀有防眩晕增透镀膜;【机芯】采用ZF独家定制版AP.CAL.3120机芯,功能稳定,外观最像!舍我其谁 地表最强重塑经典 王者归来

ZF 15710 厚度对版原装插图ZF 15710 厚度对版原装插图1

ZF reinvents the classics-Audemars Piguet AP15710 King returns! ZF encourages to do the best in the details of steel surface explosive products! Wristwatch size 42mmX14.1mm! 1. The strongest case is polished, the surface is the best, and the cost is soaring, only the most like; 2. The strongest movement splint is polished, and the special color is automatically supported by 18K rose gold; 3. The most humanized buffer area that can loosen the head grain ensures that it conforms to the original design; 4. The most three-dimensional and neat disk “biscuit texture” is guaranteed to be exactly the same as the genuine one: 5. The most lasting luminous and the most uniform internal scale, ZF directly hits the key point, and everyone no longer has to have a headache for this; 6. The hardest screw, and the screw groove is crescent-shaped and authentic; 7. The closest to the original pointer, the cutting surface is sharp and tidy without burrs; 8. Closest to the original calendar magnifying glass, the permeability is the strongest in the market; 9. The strongest sapphire mirror penetrates the senses and is coated with anti-vertigo anti-reflection coating; [movement] adopts ZF’s exclusive customized version of AP.CAL.3120 movement, with stable functions and the most similar appearance! Who else is the strongest on the surface, reinventing the return of the classic king