ZF V2 15500钢王

ZF爱彼皇家橡树15500V2版——震撼上线:剔除机芯甲板多余部分,使之变得更加镂空——成就钢表巅峰—— 实力演绎 卫冕“钢”王!
2.完美还原正品表壳的每一处细节,尽显正品“棱角分明 坚毅果敢”的阳刚气质。
体验精妙 感受不同!ZF出品 必属精品!

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ZF Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500V2 Edition-Shocking on the line: Remove the excess part of the deck of the movement and make it more hollow-achieve the peak of the steel watch-demonstrate the defending “steel” king with strength!
[6 great subtleties]
1. genuine disassembly and mold opening, with the size of 41X10.4 consistent with genuine products!
2. Perfect restoration of every detail of the genuine case, showing the masculine temperament of the genuine “sharp edges, determination and boldness”.
3. The workmanship of steel strip is more by going up one flight of stairs than that of any steel strip surface in the market, and the tightness of the “buffer belt” connecting the steel strip head grain and the surface meter is exactly the same as that of genuine products.
4. The automatic tribute to the original is the only version in the market with the same color as the original (the general version in the market is red), and the carving of ap family emblem is unique. 5. Break the concept of plywood, and change the 9015 movement into the all-in-one machine of Caterpillar.4302! More stable, better and more real.
6. The “biscuit texture” on the dial is full and full of energy! Is by no means ordinary small factory slouches.
Experience subtlety and feel different! ZF products must be excellent products!