ZF——Patek Philippe古典系列——PP.5298P

ZF心诚所致,震撼推出精细美学代表之作——Patek Philippe古典系列——PP.5298P
【精彩细节】腕表尺寸38mmX9mm 薄而有质

ZF——Patek Philippe古典系列——PP.5298P插图ZF——Patek Philippe古典系列——PP.5298P插图1

Thanks to the sincerity of ZF, Patek Philippe’s classical series-PP.5298 P, a representative work of fine aesthetics, was launched with shock
[Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 38mmX9mm thin and qualitative
1. The watchcase works slowly, grinds to the extreme, and exclusively restores the perfect proportion and unique texture of genuine products.
2. The scale and pointer are blessed with the latest precious metal electroplating technology, and the effect is better!
3. The “pot cover type” slightly convex sapphire watch mirror has the same version as the genuine product, transparent effect and clear discrimination. [Leading the All-in-One Era] The customized Cal.324 all-in-one machine is adopted-thinner, more stable and more similar.
[Strap] Classic Italian calf leather strap with clear lines and excellent texture. Needle-type clasp is polished neatly and bright, and it is universal and original without pressure.
Noble as it is, classic is eternal. Once you have it, you have nothing to ask for.