ZF 翻盖 玫瑰金壳 古典5153系列 324一体机芯

ZF匠”芯“出品 典藏之作——百达翡丽古典5153系列腕表,儒雅而至~!【精彩细节】腕表尺寸38mmX10mm 1.表壳打磨:为了追求正品温润如玉的效果,ZF制表师精磨细造,慢工出细活。2.防尘盖与壳体的衔接机制,有媲美带正品一样的清脆手感。3.刻度和指针,采用最新的贵金属电镀工艺处理,效果更上一层楼。4.“锅盖型”微凸蓝宝表镜,版型与正品一致,效果通透,辨时清晰。5.贵金属钢印立体规范,清晰生动!【引领一体机时代】采用定制版Cal.324一体机——更薄,更稳,更像。最重要的是仿真度直线上升了。【表带】经典意大利小牛皮表带,纹路清晰,质感好。搭配圈市面最顶级的百达翡丽灯笼表扣,通用原装无压力。儒雅持成,永恒经典,低调完美,表中绅士!

ZF 翻盖 玫瑰金壳 古典5153系列 324一体机芯插图ZF 翻盖 玫瑰金壳 古典5153系列 324一体机芯插图1ZF 翻盖 玫瑰金壳 古典5153系列 324一体机芯插图2

ZF craftsman “core” produces a collection of Patek Philippe classic 5153 series watches, which are elegant and elegant ~! [Wonderful details] Watch size is 38mmX10mm 1. Case polishing: In order to pursue the genuine warm and jade-like effect, ZF watchmakers finely grind and work slowly. 2. The connecting mechanism between the dust cover and the shell has the crisp feel comparable to that of genuine products. 3. The scale and pointer are treated by the latest precious metal electroplating process, and the effect is by going up one flight of stairs. 4. The “pot cover type” slightly convex sapphire watch mirror has the same version as the genuine product, transparent effect and clear discrimination. 5. Precious metal seal is three-dimensional standard, clear and vivid! [Leading the All-in-One Era] The customized Cal.324 all-in-one machine is adopted-thinner, more stable and more similar. The most important thing is that the degree of simulation has increased linearly. [Strap] Classic Italian calf leather strap with clear lines and good texture. Matching with the top Patek Philippe lantern clasp in the market, it is universal and original without pressure. Elegant and persistent, eternal classic, low-key and perfect, gentleman in appearance!