KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面

KRF推出2020款Rolex Oyster Perpetual(蚝式恒动)126000最佳副本,爆款,完美实现了细节还原。不求款式众多,只求做一款精一款。
1. (a) 高还原度,原装表开模,904L不锈钢表壳,重量十足,逆向CNC数控加工,每一个面,角,弧度与原装相同。
2.(a)全工艺,低成品率。7种颜色表盘突破业界现有简单工序,使用对比参考+二次开发的方式结合现有的技术力量完美实现每一种色彩,全工序,全SWISS耗材,还原2020 Oyster Perpetual专有复合色,深度,层次,质感,韵味。超细放射纹,细,直,平,朦,若隐若现,在盘面的中间层,同时得到了相同反光指数和金属感。无与伦比的设计感与美学享受,值得品鉴。
(c)使用瑞士X级Super Linumva BG 夜光(白/蓝)。25万/公斤的稀有耗材,只为完美的还原原装腕表神韵。
3. 高”润“度蓝宝石表镜,6点位蚀刻“皇冠”,无色仿反射膜。”润“是主题,通透是基础,与原装相同。
4. 三珠表带镀膜,使用全新拉砂与最新表面镀膜工艺还原原装带的质感与光泽。使用欧洲进口砂轮,反复测试,得到丝中有砂的萌感,不单单是拉丝过于明亮的简单处理…业界首创使用真空溅镀方式镀膜来统一光泽和反光指数,使它看上去与原装带有相同的银,朦,砂,丝的感觉。
5. 相同的功能与调时方向,使用亚洲pt5000机芯,更稳定,更安静,更易于打理。

KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面插图KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面插图1KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面插图2KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面插图3KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面插图4KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面插图5KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面插图6KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面插图7KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面插图8KRF 36mm 恒动 黑面插图9

“Ingenuity is not easy, persistence is true”. KRF has released the best copy of 2020 Rolex Oyster Perpetual (oyster perpetual) 126000, which exploded and perfectly restored the details. Don’t ask for many styles, just make a fine one. Same size, same appearance, same material, same texture and charm, a very rare replica Rolex. Reason for purchase: 1. (a) High reduction degree, original watch mold opening, 904L stainless steel case, full weight, reverse CNC machining, every face, angle and radian are the same as the original. For the first time, the rounded corners of the four corners of the ear are polished, eliminating the false triangular surface, and ensuring that the four corners of the middle shell stand on the same horizontal plane without shaking. Both sides of the shell are slender and full and round! (b) The diameter, inner diameter and R angle of bezel are exactly the same as the original one, and the installation of three-piece set (steel outer ring, nylon O order, steel O order) is realized for the first time, and the invisible position can also be achieved. 2.(a) Full process with low yield. Seven color dials break through the existing simple process in the industry, and use the way of comparative reference+secondary development combined with the existing technical force to perfectly realize each color, the whole process and all SWISS consumables, and restore the exclusive composite color, depth, level, texture and charm of 2020 Oyster Perpetual. Ultra-fine radiation pattern, thin, straight, flat, hazy and looming, is in the middle layer of the disk surface, and the same reflection index and metallic sense are obtained at the same time. The unparalleled sense of design and aesthetic enjoyment are worthy of tasting. (b) “45-degree” section ultra-solid platinum bar nails, marked with electroplated platinum for all hours, each bar nail is added with “four” reflective sections, and polished “independently”, which is full of light and metal, perfectly restoring the original dial reflective index and high-level feeling, and a high-cost masterpiece. (c) use Swiss x-class Super Linumva BG luminous (white/blue). 250,000/kg of rare consumables, only to perfectly restore the charm of the original watch. 3. High-gloss sapphire mirror, 6-point etched “crown”, colorless imitation reflective film. ” “Run” is the theme and transparency is the foundation, which is the same as the original one. 4. Three-bead strap coating, using new sanding and latest surface coating technology to restore the texture and luster of the original strap. Using the grinding wheel imported from Europe, after repeated tests, the sprouting feeling of sand in the silk is obtained, which is not only a simple treatment of drawing too bright … The industry pioneered the use of vacuum sputtering coating to unify the gloss and reflective index, so that it looks like the original one with the same feeling of silver, haze, sand and silk. 5. With the same function and timing direction, the Asian pt5000 movement is more stable, quieter and easier to take care of. Getting started feeling: KRF insists on putting high-quality wearing feeling and visual feeling first. while ensuring perfect restoration degree, krf must ensure full weight, full metallic feeling and delicate hand feeling, and can observe taste quietly and move to get started to play. Only a charming copy of life will accompany you to spend every beautiful day.