3S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯

3s再推新品!碟飞系列典雅DEWDROP腕表 尺寸27.4mm 精钢抛光表壳搭配水滴表耳,后盖浮雕图案惟妙惟肖,搭载欧米茄最新4061机芯,内外兼修,将优雅与实用融为一体!

3S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图3S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图13S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图23S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图33S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图43S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图53S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图63S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图73S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图83S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图93S 碟飞 27.4mm 4061石英机芯插图10

Push new products after 3s! The elegant DEWDROP watch of Dish Flying Series has a size of 27.4 mm. The polished case of fine steel is matched with the drop lugs, and the relief pattern on the back cover is vivid. It is equipped with the latest 4061 movement of Omega, and it is repaired both inside and outside, integrating elegance and practicality!