KZ 切利尼 050509

KZ再造“芯”款,最佳版劳力士切利尼50509时间型自动腕表,独家搭载蓝游丝版定制“cal.3132一体机”,自带独立编号!表壳904L精钢打造(市面唯一版本重量对版正品),装配美洲双色鳄鱼皮表带,还原劳力士特有的阔剑式剪裁,双面镀膜表镜,正品劳力士皮带款专属包装。一表一号一卡!——KZ Factory

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KZ recreates the “core” model, the best version of Rolex cellini 50509 time automatic watch, which is exclusively equipped with the blue hairspring version of the customized “cal.3132 all-in-one” with its own independent number! The watch case 904L is made in fine steel (the only version in the market is the authentic version), which is equipped with American two-color crocodile leather strap, restoring Rolex’s unique broadsword cut, double-sided coated watch mirror, and exclusive packaging of genuine Rolex belt. One meter, one number, one card! ——KZ Factory