GF 山度士 黑壳


GF 山度士 黑壳插图GF 山度士 黑壳插图1GF 山度士 黑壳插图2GF 山度士 黑壳插图3GF 山度士 黑壳插图4GF 山度士 黑壳插图5GF 山度士 黑壳插图6GF 山度士 黑壳插图7GF 山度士 黑壳插图8

Good news! GF Sandoz has been upgraded!
[The contents of this upgrade are as follows: The V2 version has been revised and matched many times, and the watch leader can be exchanged with the original one. The original player no longer has to go to the counter to buy expensive straps.
The calfskin strap attached to the watch also corrects the durability of the head grain, which is no longer easy to crack. In addition: the literal color is also closer to the original]
[Case diameter: 39.8mm, thickness: 9.08mm]
[Equipped with MIYOTA9015 automatic chain movement]