BBR 葡萄牙系列 150周年陀飞轮


BBR 葡萄牙系列 150周年陀飞轮插图BBR 葡萄牙系列 150周年陀飞轮插图1BBR 葡萄牙系列 150周年陀飞轮插图2BBR 葡萄牙系列 150周年陀飞轮插图3BBR 葡萄牙系列 150周年陀飞轮插图4BBR 葡萄牙系列 150周年陀飞轮插图5BBR 葡萄牙系列 150周年陀飞轮插图6BBR 葡萄牙系列 150周年陀飞轮插图7BBR 葡萄牙系列 150周年陀飞轮插图8

BBR’s latest masterpiece, “The 150th Anniversary” Special Edition of Constant Power tourbillon in Portuguese Series, accepts reservation. Accept reservation! ! ! 1 Exclusive development of 94850 movement, power storage for up to 65 hours, restoring three major functions of genuine products: (1): Constant power tourbillon device. (2): The moon phase plate is displayed at 1 o’clock. (3): Power reserve display. Case: designed according to the original one-to-one description. Restore the genuine three-piece set: polish the side surface of the shell shape from the front and back of the case and the arc wire drawing process perfectly and synchronously. With a diameter of 44mm and a thickness of 13.4mm .. 3. Mirror: Sapphire lid arched mirror. 4 hands: BBR factory does not hesitate to cost, from design to mold opening, style and inspection, so as to achieve the three-dimensional burnt steel blue hands consistent with the original ones. 5 strap: Italian black cowhide crocodile strap, hand-stitched, with the details in place, matched with IWC original genuine folding buckle, with clear font on the buckle surface, restoring genuine details.