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ZF扛鼎新作——IWC万国表葡萄牙系列IW371605腕表(2019年大改款葡计) 【精彩细节】1.精致背透,机芯可一览无余2.新版表扣设计更加舒适精妙3.定制版CAL.69355机芯,无理由实现原装所有功能【表壳】腕表尺寸41mmX13mm1.ZF早已烂熟于胸的万国打磨技艺,实力演绎IWC的原汁原味2.前后两片蓝宝石水晶玻璃,通透无比3.比例和版型经过多次校正,做到与正品一致贴合手腕清新俊逸 品貌非凡ZF出品 必属精品

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ZF’s new work-IWC Wanguobiao Portugal series IW371605 watch (changed in Portugal in 2019) [Wonderful details] 1. Exquisite back, the movement can be seen at a glance. 2. The new buckle design is more comfortable and exquisite. 3. Customized CAL.69355 movement, there is no reason to realize all the original functions [case] watch size 41mmX13mm1.ZF has long been familiar with it. Strength deducts the original taste of IWC. 2. The front and rear sapphire crystal glasses are extremely transparent. 3. The proportion and version have been corrected many times, so that it is consistent with the genuine wrist. Fresh and elegant appearance is extraordinary. ZF products must be fine