TZ 15710 石英座钟


TZ 15710 石英座钟插图TZ 15710 石英座钟插图1

TZ Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 15710 store clocks/small table clocks, decorated with the soul of office, study and cab. Purchased the original mold opening, which is 65mm*26mm in size as the original one, deeply restores the plaid literal and grain effect of 15710, enlarges the literal one by one, and uses the original single-level literal oil filling and inner shadow technology. Imported Shi Ying movement, luminous hands, made by solid 316L fine steel, the weight is equal to the original one, and the workmanship is not inferior to the original one. It can be placed on a solid wooden support or supported on its back independently.
Adjusting time: first find the knob on the back corresponding to 9 o’clock, then pinch the knob with your thumb and forefinger, and finally turn the knob to adjust to the current time.
Setting alarm clock: first find the knob at 3 o’clock ON the back, then adjust the alarm pin (the smallest pointer on the disk) to the time position where it needs to ring (pinch the knob with thumb and forefinger and twist it), and finally turn the switch at 2 o’clock on the back (turn OFF when the alarm clock is turned off). When the pin coincides with the alarm pin, the horn at the back corresponding to 8 o’clock will sound an alarm.
Replace the battery: First, screw off the back screws (other screws are decoration) corresponding to the 10 points and 2 points with a screwdriver of corresponding size, then take off the bottom cover ring, then screw off the remaining two screws on the bottom cover with a smaller screwdriver to remove the bottom cover, then screw off the safety cover engraved with letter B with a coin or key, and finally replace the battery. After replacement, put all parts back in reverse order.
Independent support: Open the independent support by breaking the back edge gap corresponding to 6 points with your fingers.