XF “core” is selected as “Chanel J12 series”-h5704 white Fritillaria plate /H5513 pink Fritillaria plate
XF “core” selection-“Chanel J12 series”-H5704 white Fritillaria disk model /H5513 pink Fritillaria disk model, which shocked the release of J12 series watches and swept the watch industry for a long time, and was a model of ladies in the watch industry. Now, after one year’s research and development by XF Factory, the quality of workmanship is perfect in any market! The most important thing is to use the original Chanel CAL.956.612 core [technical difficulties]. 1. In the treatment of the original ceramics, the most precise molds (about 60 sets of molds) are used to eliminate the excessive gap and deformation in the matching of various ceramic fittings. 2. With regard to the formula of white ceramics, it took more than nine months of repeated trials and comparisons to successfully try out the color of white ceramics which is very close to 99% of that of the original, and make the charm of the original “round white jade”. 3. The matching of steel parts and ceramic shells can be the same as the original, and they can be interchanged with the original. 4. The ring glass and mirror glass are made of the same glass material as the original. The printing of the scale on the ring glass can’t tell the truth from the original! 5. The slender hands and mother-of-pearl dial can be described without regret. [“Core” Choose God’s Works] 6. Adopt Chanel original movement-high-precision Shi Ying movement CAL.956.612, truly without any regrets, give her a counter, it is genuine.