WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺

WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺


WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图1WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图2WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图3WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图4WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图5WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图6WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图7WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图8WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图9WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图10WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图11WY-3K厂出品百达翡丽5711鹦鹉螺 324SC机芯 厚度8.3mm 3K鹦鹉螺插图12

Patek Philippe 5711 nautilus 324SC movement produced by WY-3K factory has a thickness of 8.3mm 3K nautilus

Market exclusive special movement, upgrade the original movement of noiseless lettering version
Detailed upgrade interpretation:
1. All the upgraded movements are finely carved and engraved, which are clear and wear-free, and the texture is the ultimate.
2. Upgrade automatic trunnion plate, adopt Swiss ultra-precision bearing, and install trunnion plate technology. Achieve 100% noise reduction.
3. The original movement has no false clamping plate, no false balance wheel and no false ruby. WY-3k factory completely reproduced the 3.3 mm out-of-print high-quality 324SC movement.
4 .. Upgrade the dial scale to be luminous and super bright, and achieve harmonious and consistent synchronization brightness as a whole.
5. Nautilus classic blue plate, at present, the color consistent with genuine products is improved, and the dial details and workmanship of other factories are killed.
6. Each watch in the calendar window is horizontally positioned, and there is no skew occlusion.
7. Debug the head to adjust the smoothness of the gear for many times, and debug it to the best state. Make the adjustment time of the upgraded Grenade and the feel of the winding smooth
8. The thickness of the whole watch is upgraded to 8.3mm, which perfectly realizes the thinnest mechanical watch in the whole network, equal to the original thickness. It is very comfortable to wear.
9. Emphasis is placed on clockwise adjustment of calendar of 324Sc movement, that is, downward adjustment of calendar from top to bottom. Pay attention to the consistency between discrimination and genuine products.
10. When adjusting the time, pull the crown to the second gear. The big second hand does not stop. It is also consistent with genuine products.
WY-3K factory produced Patek Philippe 5711 Nautilus, and upgraded the original silent lettering version. Explosions that dominate the whole network in 2021! ! ! !