MKS厂 瑰丽系列石英男表缩略图

MKS厂 瑰丽系列石英男表

MKS新品 《浪琴瑰丽石英系列》
1:搭载与原版一致的浪琴ETA 283.2专用机芯!
7: 重点在于MKS超级复刻版做到了散件能与正品通用互换的匠心成果

Mks’s new Longines Magnificent Shi Ying Series 1: Equipped with Longines eta 283.2 special movement consistent with the original version! 2. Under the action of Longines’ special movement, the effect and size of the shell body are consistent with the original version: 38.5mm* 6.5mm thick bottom; 3. The technology of grinding and polishing the shell body is carefully crafted by cnc machine tools; 4. The shape and font thickness of the bottom cover are consistent with the original version; 5. The mirror surface is made of high-hardness and high-permeability sapphire crystal glass, and the mirror surface is also coated with colorless anti-reflection film, so that it will not appear pale reflection. 6. Strap 7: The key point is that the mks Super Reprint Edition has achieved the ingenuity that parts can be exchanged with genuine ones. The strongest one-to-one super replica in the market


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