SV 星期五钢带款缩略图

SV 星期五钢带款

SV 星期五钢带款【经典无法复制 只可恰逢其时】SV工厂惊世之作,Seven Friday市面最高版本。劲酷前卫的设计,所向披靡的仿真度。修正现市场任何版本的所有不足,真正做到给它一个专柜就是正品的效果。【精彩细节】腕表尺寸47mmX47mm。矿物质玻璃镜面材质吻合正品。精彩之处是SV工厂的盘面和指针均来自SF原厂。真真正正,如假包换。【打破概念】值得注意的地方是:SV声明:所有的配件,机芯全部可以和正品混搭,替换。

SV Friday steel belt model [Classic can’t be copied just at the right time] SV factory’s amazing work, Seven Friday’s highest version in the market. Cool avant-garde design, invincible degree of simulation. Correct all the shortcomings of any version in the market, and truly give it a counter is the genuine effect. [Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 47mmX47mm. Mineral glass mirror material is consistent with genuine products. The wonderful thing is that the disk and pointer of SV factory come from SF factory. It’s real, it’s real. [Breaking the Concept] It is worth noting that SV declares that all accessories and movements can be mixed and replaced with genuine products.


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