TW-浪琴 博雅系列正宗台湾代工厂出品,37mm尺寸。海鸥2892一2机芯,市场唯一,浪琴博雅系列,原版复刻,所有配件均与正品通用,真正的乱真,更着重于高尚典雅的设计及创新理念,设计上的每一个细节都极具水准,摆幅28800;

TW- Longines Boya series is produced by Taiwan OEM, with a size of 37mm. Seagull 2892-2 movement, the only one in the market, Longines Boya series, the original replica, all accessories are common with genuine products, which is really confusing, and pays more attention to noble and elegant design and innovative ideas. Every detail in the design is extremely standard, with a swing of 28,800;


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