ZF厂 康卡斯男表机械表缩略图

ZF厂 康卡斯男表机械表


King of ZF’s price/performance ratio-Conkas’s overlord in water, glory comes. Chop waves and go forward bravely. Produced by ZF, it must be a fine product.
[Case] The size of the watch is 41X12mm. The 316L fine steel shell is flawless, and the polishing process is superb. Zf continues its meticulous and excellent quality, and sets up a new standard bar in the engraving industry. Ceramic bezel has high quality texture of genuine grade, and the stereoscopic impression of scale and chamfering details are correct.
[Steel band] The texture structure of each part of the detachable three-bead fine steel strap is synchronized with the genuine one, and the original ears are customized. The first grain and the genuine one can be used universally and strive for perfection, showing the style of a big factory.
[Movement] The original genuine L888.2 core was changed with the TOP 2824 Seagull self-rotating movement, which is widely respected by the replica industry


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